About Us

The Caribbean Philosophical Association was founded on June 14, 2003 at the Center for Caribbean Thought at the University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica.   The founding members were George Belle, B. Anthony Bogues, Patrick Goodin, Lewis Gordon, Clevis Headley, Paget Henry, Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Charles Mills, and Supriya Nair.  The first international conference was held May 19–22, 2004 at the Accra Hotel in Christ Church, Barbados, West Indies.


The Caribbean Philosophical Association is an organization of scholars and lay-intellectuals dedicated to the study and generation of ideas with a particular emphasis of encouraging South-South dialogue.  Although the focus is on engaging philosophy that emerges in the Caribbean, membership is not limited exclusively to scholars with degrees in philosophy, and any region and historic moment is open to the exchange of ideas.  In similar kind, membership in the organization is not limited to professional scholars.  Any one with an interest in engaging ideas and playing a role in the development of new ideas can become a member.  Finally, the Caribbean Philosophical Association is also dedicated to assisting with the development of institutions that would preserve thought in the Caribbean and facilitate the creation of new ideas.